Build your Immunity with these simple Ayurvedic tips: 

1. Start the day with Tulsi, Pippali (fruit of long pepper) and ginger tea to strengthen and cleanse the upper respiratory tract.
2. Use turmeric and black pepper in the meals daily, to boost immunity and reduce ama (toxins). Turmeric can be taken as a drink with almond milk or added to morning oats to prepare a nourishing golden porridge.
3. Minimize intake of red meat and avoid usage of any processed meats like bacon, sausage, nuggets, ham, etc.
4. Take 15 ml of Amla juice daily. Optionally, take Chyavanprash to supply extra antioxidants and strengthen the immunity.
5.Drink plenty of warm water. Staying well hydrated will keep the throat and mucous membrane moist, supporting its action as a good barrier to all microbes.
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  1. Yoga – A journey of self discovery; from disease to divinity, chaos to peace
    Although yoga is essentially a spiritual science, it leads to a sense of physical and emotional well being. The primary aim of yoga is to restore the mind to simplicity, peace and poise, to free it from confusion and distress. This simplicity, this sense of order and calm, comes from the practice of the principles and processes of yoga.
    Health is not just freedom from disease. For good health, the joints, tissues, muscles, cells, nerves, glands, and each system of the body must be in a state of perfect balance and harmony. Health is the perfect equilibrium of the body and mind, intellect and soul. Good health results from perfect communication between each part of the body and mind; when each cell communicates with every other.
    Yoga integrates the body, mind, the intelligence, and the self in four stages. In the first stage, we practice at the level of a physical body. In the second stage, the mind learns to move in unison with the body. In the third stage, the intellect and the body become one. In the final stage, the state of perfection is achieved. Spiritual awareness flows into the practitioner of yoga. Dukha, which is misery or pain, vanishes and the art of living in simplicity and peace is realised.

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