Our story


NAMAMYA is a unique wellness brand for traditional healing,health and well-being to discover and transform mental, physical emotional and spiritual. It’s destiny is to be a place of true well-being immerse in our world of care, allow your self to discover a new level of awareness, building up and ultimate experience of well-being and serenity.

“NAMAMYA” means  Salutation to all pervading, adopted from ancient Hindu scriptures.

Healing at NAMAMYA , it involves natural methods and ingredients combining a blend of modern science with traditional healing like…

Ayurveda ,Sowa rigpa, Spa & Yoga as a form of therapy are its deep offering. This center offers consultation and treatments in each of these modalities. COMING SOON.


Mr.Arun Das, a man with a clear vision, whose determination having a great concept of Namamya Wellness & Organic skin care products inspired by ancient Ayurveda. Arun has over 10 year’s hands-on experience that spans all aspects of today’s Wellness industry. He has managed all types of spas, ranging from retail-oriented day spas, membership-based spas, luxury hotel/resort spas, med spa & wellness centers.  He was born and brought up in Kerala  and spent 20 years in Kerala before moving to Europe .The work that he do is intricately linked with India as we offer ancient healing techniques to resolve modern health issues. He believe that Asian traditions and our deep rooted culture has much to offer the world in all aspects of life. From the perspective of wellness, the traditional healing of Asian can be used very effectively to combat ailments that are common in modern times,and improve to every human being for their own life conditions. Arun  is committed to creating a place where healing and harmonious transformation can flourish. Arun’s life journey has been greatly influenced in natural healing, meditation, yoga and spirituality.